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Wall plaque for Certified Passive House Buildings

Qualiy that speaks for itself
Owners of certified Passive Houses can affix a wall plaque to their buildings. This plaque can be ordered from the responsible Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifier. The plaque is a visible symbol for all of, the quality assurance carried out through Passive House certification.

Plaque details
The plaque measures 16 x 16 cm and is made of 8 mm thick acryl glass. The back side is printed with the Certified Passive House seal on a translucent foil The plaque is available in a numer of languages - please see the Online order form for details.

If you are a Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifier or if your building was certified directly by the Passive House Institute, you can order your plaque here. iPHA members receive discounts - please go to the order form for more details.

If your building was certified by a Passive House Institute accredited Building Certifier, please order from the respective certifier directly.

Online order form: Wall plaques for Certified Passive Houses

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